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Current Affairs Review
Profiting from America’s Longest War: Trump Seeks to Exploit Mineral Wealth of Afghanistan
By Ben Dangl   2017-10-20
If somebody does not know what imperialism is, this is it. -- The New Legalist editor
Top Republicans, Business Leaders Come Out Against Trump (video report)
By Yahoo View   2017-10-19
Without the subsidies, insurance companies will be forced to raise rates on everyone else who buys Obamacare coverage. Analysts say many middle-class Americans could see their premiums jump by 30 to 60 percent.
More Americans Think God Is Unnecessary for Morality, Pew Study Shows
By Melina Delkic   2017-10-18
Editorial: California burns: Where’s the president?
By San Francisco Chronicle   2017-10-17
To many Americans, being patriotic means being white
By Michael Tesler   2017-10-17
The New Legaist editor: True, NFL players choosing to kneel during the playing of the national anthem is “a matter of race” rather than “a matter of patriotism.” However, as it has been the tradition of the West ever since ancient Rome to rationalize class exploitation and oppression in racist terms, the matter of race in the U.S. has been played up and used as a camouflage by the real master of the nation, i.e., the 1% big capital oligarchy (most typically represented by the president sitting in the White House today) to cover up the real issue underneath, that is, the capitalistic politico-economic power relations upon which has been built the domination of this 1% over all areas of the country's social life -- the root cause of all crises threatening a secured and peaceful existence of the nation and the whole human community.
President Trump is Unstable, Dangerous and Could Start Nuclear War, Doctors Warn
By Linley Sanders   2017-10-16
President Donald Trump poses a significant threat of nuclear war and is increasingly dangerous, according to leading psychologists who are stepping forward to warn Americans of his escalatingly threatening behavior....
Christianity in America is more politically polarized than ever
By Tara Isabella Burton   2017-10-16
Meanwhile, more and more Democrats think you don’t need to believe in God to be moral.
Trump’s War With North Korea Is Putting America’s Existence ‘At Risk’ and Must Be Stopped
By John Haltiwanger   2017-10-15
Tomgram: Danny Sjursen, Embracing Our Inner Empire
By Danny Sjursen   2017-10-15
Culture glamorizes gun violence
By Karen Peebles   2017-10-15
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