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The Biggest Lies About the 2nd Amendment Going Around in 2018
By Eric Schaal   2018-03-18
Britain’s Insane Cold War Dramatics
By strategic-culture.org   2018-03-17
The Limits of Free Markets, Both Economic and Intellectual
By DAVID SCHULTZ   2018-03-17
...economists have described unregulated markets as producing externalities such as pollution or monopolies. Others see externalities to include the mal-distributions of wealth and income in the world or racial and gender discrimination.... As to the unregulated market of ideas, falsity or fake news spreads more rapidly than truth on-line... The challenge is how both to preserve the marketplace of ideas from destroying itself while at the same time preventing the economic marketplace from destroying itself and corrupting the marketplace of ideas.
Judge: Trump administration violated law over smog findings
By Sudhin Thanawala, AP   2018-03-17
Will Russia Wake Up?
By Paul Craig Roberts   2018-03-16
Tomgram: Aviva Chomsky, The Fight Over the Criminalization of Immigrants
By Aviva Chomsky   2018-03-16
While political realism demands that battles be fought for the rights of particular groups of immigrants, it’s no less important to challenge the looming narrative of immigrant criminalization and to refuse to assume that the larger war has already been lost. In the end, isn’t it time to challenge the notion that people in general, and immigrants in particular, can be easily divided into deserving good guys and undeserving bad guys?
On anniversary, pope's predecessor hits out at conservatives' 'stupid prejudice'
By Philip Pullella ,Reuters   2018-03-15
Are "social problems such as climate change, economic inequality and migration" not "moral issues"?! -- The New Legalist editor
Why some conservatives see Pope Francis as a threat
By Bill Weir   2018-03-15
Best of TomDispatch: Noam Chomsky, Why National Security Has Nothing to Do With Security
By Noam Chomsky   2018-03-14
Wall Street Sells Subprime History
By AIDAN O'BRIEN   2018-03-13
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