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Classical Chinese Philosophy
Darshan Karwat: Living Zero Waste
By   2015-11-08
Legalism: Optimistic or Pessimistic
By Paul Farwell   2013-11-28
The reason for Legalism’s lack of understanding lies in the fact that most Westerners tend to group Machiavelli (who Wrote The Prince) and Shang Yang (who wrote The Book of the Lord Shang) together. As such, most Westerners label Lord Shang as a realist and an early example of totalitarian doctrine....
China’s Legalist Order: From the Qin to the PRC (1-2): Its origin, doctrine, and earlier years
By Paul Farwell   2013-10-01
When most people think of China today, they think of unparalleled economic growth, tremendous opportunity, and a rising power on the world stage. But the reason for this is never closely examined. If compared with western democracy, the reality lies in the fact that the current Chinese government is simply following a long line of regimes that share one common thread: Legalism.
China’s Legalist Order: From the Qin to the PRC (3): Legalism’s Legacy
By Paul Farwell   2013-10-01
China’s Legalist Order: From the Qin to the PRC (4): *Legalism in the Modern Era
By Paul Farwell   2013-10-01
China’s Legalist Order: From the Qin to the PRC (5): Legalism and China’s Future
By Paul Farwell   2013-10-01
The Classical Chinese Academic System: Anything But Backward, Actually Quite Advanced
By Zhai Yuzhong (翟玉忠)   2013-09-01
Chinese learning is characterized by profoundness, vibrancy, and systemic unity: profoundness in its preference for more use of symbolic-imagery (意象) than abstraction in the way of thinking, vibrancy in its emphasis on studying ever-changing live situations rather than on empty verbal reasoning, and systemic unity in guarding against fragmentization.
Eastern vs. Western: General Approach in Academic Work
By Zhai Yuzhong (翟玉忠)   2013-02-01
Civilizations differ, and so are correlated academic cultures... Classical Chinese learning was opposed to “talks of two extremes as the only alternatives”... advocated all-round integration of knowledge in the highest possible degree... laid emphasis on the cultivation of human character...
By Zhai Yuzhong (翟玉忠)   2012-12-02
... there has been a major difference between the Eastern and Western ways of thinking. To the Chinese, formal logic is not only unnecessary for correct thinking, but, what is even more problematic, it may lead to dangerous pitfalls in the thinking process...
How Chinese Learning has been Emasculated by Western Thought
By Zai Yuzhong (翟玉忠)   2012-09-01
At present what we need to do is to stop judging Chinese learning in Western terms and use our own learning as the basic framework of reference and borrow from the West what fits the conditions in China so as to develop a new Chinese culture and a new China.
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