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Ancient China: Colossal Waterway System Built by 5,000-Year-Old Liangzhu Civilization Discovered by Scientists
By Kastalia Medrano ,Newsweek   2017-12-08
Mysterious ancient underwater city is frozen in time
By Julia Corderoy   2017-12-08
China and the US: Comparing Leadership Selection
By James Petras   2017-12-05
Western media is still wrong. China will continue to rise.
By Eric Li   2017-12-05
With comment from the New Legalist editor.
Q. and A.: Zhang Weiwei on Why China Will Succeed Under the Communist Party
With comment from the New Legalist editor.
Western Elites Find New ‘China Threat’ Theory
By Jiang Feng   2017-11-23
FIRST AMERICANS — Most scientists now reject the idea that the first Americans came by land
By ANNALEE NEWITZ   2017-11-11
Researchers embrace the kelp highway hypothesis in “a dramatic intellectual turnabout.”
China and the US: Rational Planning and ‘Lumpen’ Capitalism
By James Petras   2017-11-08
The world is Western no longer, and it will never be Western again
By 夏仁巍   2017-11-08
The strangest things archaeologists have found on the ancient Silk Roads (video series)
By Annalee Newitz   2017-11-04
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