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5 New Silk Road Projects That Will Alter Your View Of How The World Works
By Wade Shepard   2018-03-19
China Says Its "Moderate" Defence Spending Rises Are No Threat
By Reuters   2018-03-07
China will not be a threat to others -- This is determined by the long-standingly deep-rooted Chinese cultural tradition: China in history has always been adopting a strategically defensive military policy towards nomadic neighbors or modern imperialist aggressors and has many times peacefully assimilated invading foreign ethnic groups into her own culture; while in contrast Western tradition, most typically represented today by the U.S., ever since the Roman Empire, has been aggressive towards other areas, countries, ethnic and faith groups as sources of slaves and serfs, natural resources, other forms of wealth, markets for commodities and capital, or as scapegoats for social and natural disasters brought about by slave/serf owners, colonialists, monopoly capitalists and imperialists in their inhuman pursuit of selfish interests. Actually the biggest threat today to all others, to world peace and to the survival of the human race on Mother Earth comes from the Divided States of America, from the invested interest groups under the hegemonic capitalist system and the die-hard upholders of this most shameless and unavoidably declining capitalist-imperilist empire. The world's peoples cannot be cheated for too long. Capitalism will not be saved from its doom by any deceptive propaganda. -- The New Legalist editor
Top 10 Chinese tech and engineering marvels that amaze the world
By People's Daily Online   2018-02-24
Chinese millennials are about to kick US millennials’ butts
By Zak Dychtwald VIEW AUTHOR ARCH   2018-02-24
China's U.S. Envoy Says 'Dangerous to Advocate Confrontation'
By Thomson Reuters   2018-02-23
Mayan civilization was much vaster than known, thousands of newly discovered structures reveal
By Cleve R. Wootson Jr.   2018-02-17
Geostrategists: Give Russia and China a Rest
By Leonid Bershidsky   2018-02-17
Any school kid knows they stand out on a map, but it's not quite clear why they loom so large in the Western mind. Their immediate relevance to the lives of Europeans and Americans is comparatively low, after all, unless one wants to use them as noncontroversial issues that can unite societies deeply divided on matters of more substance.
Ancient Human Genomes Reveal Complicated Split into Europeans and Asians
By Sarah Sloat, Inverse   2018-01-31
China's Four New Great Inventions In The Mobile Era
By Wifi.Com   2018-01-05
The Origin Point Therapy: Latest development from channel theory in traditional Chinese medicine (video)
By Chang Chaohan (张钊汉)   2018-01-01
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